CollidEscape Window Film
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CollidEscape Window Film

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CollidEscape is the only guaranteed, permanent bird collision preventative on the market. Adheres to the exterior glass surface of a window without obstructing your view of the great outdoors. Thousands of small perforations in the film allow ample light to pass through the window to the interior, while substantially reducing reflections and transparency – the two characteristics that cause birds to collide with windows.

  • Stops bird/window collisions and territorial aggression
  • View Nature up close – you see out, they can’t see in!
  • Enhances privacy
  • Reduces energy consumption

Have you ever heard that sickening thud as a bird collides with your living room window? Daniel Klem, Jr., a biologist at Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania, estimates that 100 million birds die as a result of hitting glass every year in the United States alone. ​ Any window, no matter how large or small is a potential killer. How can this killer be stopped? And what if the solution provided both energy savings and privacy and safety for your family? ​ The reflective characteristics of glass cause bird collisions. To eliminate this problem glass must be made visible to birds