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Penguin Mom & Chick Gourd Ornaments

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Look at this adorable pair! This penguin mom is keeping an eye on her friendly baby. Won’t you hang this adorable penguin gourd ornament on your tree? Or perhaps it would be the perfect gift for a new or expecting mother. Designed and hand-crafted by artists in Peru, our fair trade gourd ornaments bring a modern flair to a 4,000-year-old traditional carving and burning technique. Each one is hand-carved and burned by one of our fine artists of the Andes of Peru. These ready to hang ornaments average 2”-2.5” tall.

Please note that each ornament is unique and varies in detail. The ornaments pictured are only samples of what you may receive.

Gourds are vegetables related to pumpkins and squash, and they grow in a variety of shapes and sizes. After harvesting , peeling and sun-drying the gourds, the artist draws the design with a pencil. A skillful carver then carefully etches the fine lines with a simple hand chisel. Using a technique called pyrography, fire adds the rich shades of browns and blacks. Finally the outside is waxed and polished, presenting you with a one-of-a-kind piece to treasure for generations!

In Peru, storytelling through gourd carving has a long history. Archeologists found a gourd depicting deities over 4,000 years old. Today, in the tiny Andean village of Cochas almost everyone is a gourd artist, and fine gourd carving has been practiced for generations. Besides decorative purposes, gourds in Peru also serve as functional vessels for storing spices or serving food or chicha, a traditional corn beer.

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