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KHALA cloths

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Order our Khala Cloths reusable food wraps feature our 2020 World
Migratory Bird Day art. They are made in Colorado from organic
hemp-cotton & infused with wax blends that are artisanally-crafted
to be durable, resilient & easy to clean! We offer sandwich wraps
and combo packs (1 mini, 1 small, 1 medium & 1 large).


When Khala Cloths™ are first made, they have a brand new ‘stiffness’ to them; They are designed to be durable, and that means Khala Cloths™ do require some breaking in. Here’s how to do that: 
  • Wash your wraps! Use cool water, a little eco-friendly soap, and hang dry where they are away from direct heat. 
  • Work your wraps! When wrapping over a bowl, make sure that the Cloth is folding over itself, so it can stick to itself as well as the lip of the bowl. Then, use the heat of your hands to warm the wax and mold it around the edges, pressing firmly.  
  • Reuse-reuse-and-reuse! The more you work and activate your wraps, the more pliable the Cloths will become and the better the wax will stick. 


  • NEVER use your Khala Cloths™ with raw meat. 
  • Keep away from heat. Perhaps this goes without saying, but the wax may begin to melt and separate if it is stored or is drying near a heat source, and this will greatly reduce the life of your wrap. This also goes for the temperature of the water you’re washing your wraps with – keeping it cool will keep your Khala Cloths ™ lively for longer.