Flying bird botanicals

Flying Bird Botanicals Cacao and tea

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Flavor: Vanilla Rose Cacao
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We package our teas and cacaos in beautifully labeled steel tins (3.5oz) 

CACAO ESPECIAL: Heirloom cacao, pure vanilla bean and sun-dried cane crystals blend for the perfect cup.

CACAO CHOKOLA : A dash of local red chilies spice up our Mexican-inspired cacao blend.

CACAO VANILLA ROSE : Perhaps one of our most decadent offerings, Bulgarian pink roses offer delicate floral notes complementing our pure, single sourced, raw, heirloom cacao and sweet, ground vanilla beans.

CACAO DULCE: Single origin heirloom cacao, pure vanilla bean and sun-dried cane crystals blended to sweet perfection. The sweetest or cacao mas dulce of our drinking chocolates.