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Loofah Bird Scrubbers

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Design: Brown Owl
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This adorable collection of bird-themed loofah scrubbers are completely nature-friendly and 100% biodegradable. Made from 100% natural vegetable dye coloring and 100% natural, genuine loofah, a sustainable agricultural crop. The loofah is acquired from farmers in underdeveloped cultures around the world. hen loofah biodegrades into the soil it helps replenish the soil with nitrogen as well as helping to slow erosion. While they may appear rough to the touch in their dry state, the sponge softens once wet while still maintaining their superb cleaning qualities. Gentle enough to use on dishes or in the shower! Machine washable.

  • Naturally grown and processed
  • Gentle enough to scrub fruits and vegetables
  • Tough enough to clean dirty dishes and stubborn pots and pans
  • Safe enough to use on delicate non-stick and other sensitive surfaces
  • Perfect for exfoliating and polishing your skin