Junior Birder Kit : hummingbird Box
Junior Birder Kit : hummingbird Box
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Junior Birder Kit : hummingbird Box

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These monthly subscription kits contain all you need to get your children active and inspire them to enjoy nature in their backyard all year round.

We will be doing a kit every month starting with this one and each month we will have different items and educational materials in it that you can use at home!

Pre order the first kit now and put it under the Christmas tree!

The first science kit includes:

1 - A bird mask to decorate and paint

2 - Hummingbird booklet, Tattoos, stickers

3 - Hummingbird cookie cutter

4 - Watercolor paint with brush

6 - Wrapping paper

7 - Hummingbird Feeder

8 - A hummingbird storybook "If the Hummingbird could hum".

9 - Plush bird

10- Hummingbird poster

11- A bird journal